Full Moon in Cancer – January 1 2018

With the first full Moon of the year landing smack on the first day of the year, I just had to take this opportunity to write about how I honored the Moon. I would like to do a post on each Full Moon and New Moon, but we’ll see. I don’t always pull cards for each Moon or cycle but I set intentions overall for 2018 to really deepen my relationship with the Moon. The Moon is a major focal point in my own practice, even if I don’t pull cards or set intentions for each Moon, I do send Her my gratitude daily and honor Her often.

The Full Moon in Cancer is a strong one, it also happened to be a Super Moon! I decided to do a small intention setting ritual for self love, following the suggestion in the Many Moons workbook by Gottess. I tried to do this last night but I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days, I did pull cards last night though. I did my self love ritual this morning in my office/studio, which I share below.

The tarot reading I did from the Many Moons workbook was awesome, it was a new-to-me spread and I enjoyed using it. I chose to use the Next World Tarot deck and my Spirit Speak Tarot. I’ll be doing a review and deck interview for the Next World Tarot soon, I want to get to know it first a bit first more intimately and really take my sweet time with this deck to soak up every inch of it. Every reading I’ve done for myself with it so far has been amazingly spot on, to the point where I swear it knows how to use my MacBook and Googles me in the night while I sleep, lol!

Ok, on to my Full Moon in Cancer reading. This was a personal reading I did for myself that I’m sharing, you can do your own reading from this post that Sarah so graciously shared on her blog (this is the same one in the Many Moons workbook).


What is this Full Moon bringing to me that I can work with; what are the gifts?


Continue to walk the path that I align with the most, regardless of the nay-sayers who feel otherwise. We all have our differences and we all have our own beliefs, it’s important that I embrace my own truths despite others who may look down on it or think otherwise. I don’t need to be a part of that crowd. Even if I walk my path alone, I will still not be walking solo, there are many who want to fight back and find their place in the world just like me. I know that living my own authentic truth is one of the biggest gift I can give to myself. My card for 2018 is JUSTICE and already I feel that I am understanding just what that means, and it’s only two days into the new year. This should be an interesting year for sure!


What do my desires wish to tell me about the work involved?


The work involved is not for the weak, it is filled with passion and fire as we see in the Page of Wands. It’s a creative expression to go against the stream. In this card I see a young person standing their ground with their visions spread in front of them as represented in photographs. This card tells me that I need to stay true to the visions I hold so deeply, some may not see eye-to-eye with me but they will eventually understand. I often start something and then put it away because I don’t think anyone will like this… I need to remember that I’m not creating it for them, I’m creating it for me. Someone out there will enjoy what I do and understand it, not everyone… and that’s ok!


What does my heart need, what does it wish to tell me? 


My heart wishes to tell me that I need to find enjoyment in everything I do, especially when it comes to connecting with others. I’m a super shy introvert, so when I socialize with others (especially in person) I tend to come off as either a massive bitch or very shallow… when really, I’m just trying to figure out what words to say without making me look like a major weirdo. I get tongue tied very easily, one reason I freeze up when asked for a tarot reading in person! This card is urging me to jump in and just be myself, take in the surroundings that I’m in and let fear reside. When it comes down to it, I just need to be myself and not worry so much about what others think of me… chances are, they are too busy wondering what I think of them. Life is too short to hide who I am, being weird is more fun anyways!


What must I release in the next few weeks in order to gain more intimacy with my goals?


I can’t do it all and I need to realize that! I tend to over do it or take on far too much… that presented itself yesterday when I went through my stack of planners and lists on what I “need” to do each day, all because I wanted to create new habits for 2018. Let’s just say it ended with much confusion and I burned myself out fast with the “do this in the morning, do this after I draw a card, write down this at night, look up this every morning, move this into this planner, etc”… you get the idea! Some things I will keep and will change as I move through this year, other things already went to the trash, haha! The 10 of Wands is telling me enough already, either push through it, ask for help, or lighten my load. Simple as that!

Early this morning I did a self-love ritual and had an unplanned urge to pull an oracle card after I was done. I ended up reaching for my Åkta Späman Podcast Oracle deck to pull from, this deck seems to suit self-love pretty well, it’s very raw and upfront. The message was beyond perfect:


Full Moon Recap

This was the first Full Moon or Esbat that I really engaged in and planned for, other than just leaving my stones out and pull a tarot card or two. My WomanMagick sisters and I did some distance work together, I made a jar of Moon water charged with the help of clear quartz and a skeleton key, and I did do a 3 card tarot reading for myself. Not only was it a fantastic esbat, but my moontime came this morning, so it’s the first time I’ve cycled with the moon and it feels awesome.

Last night after I finished my distance work (I call it an Energy Matrix when connecting with others for one purpose), when I walked away I felt like my heart chakra was exploding out of my chest (in a good way). Normally when I do tarot readings for others, I get a very pressure like feeling in my chest and gut when I feel I’ve connected to that person, or when my intuition tells me to pull a certain card. This is how I know I am connected and really engaged in a reading, this is also why I can’t do readings at times… if I don’t feel that sensation when doing a reading, I will immediately stop and put my cards away till later. I may touch base with this in another post though, it can be a wordy lol! So last night when I got that feeling intensely (I would say it felt 10x stronger last night), I knew I had made a fantastic connection! It was a great reassurance that my energy was sent and received.


Later on, I reflected on the reading I did for myself and noticed something huge! I was using the Connected & Free Oracle, my first card was “what to release”… and it was the Heart card. When I first pulled my cards, I was a bit thrown off when I saw the Heart pop up, then when I thought back to the Energy Matrix, it all made sense. I release some of my heart chakra energy last night to our sister in the group! It was a great affirmation to se that card show up and to know that I truly felt that card. My other two cards were “what to keep” and “what to focus on till the New Moon”. It was a great reading for myself, I may use this deck more often for my esbats.


I did leave out some moon water and charged it with one of my larger clear quartz, a skeleton key, and some of the flower petals that fell off from when I did the Energy Matrix. I plan on using the water for my plants in the kitchen! The petals were made into a mini mandala surrounding the key. The key was a last minute thing, I saw it on the windowsill and my intuition guided me to use it for the moon water, I see this as opening up the many possibilities to come for the plants, whether they are to aid in cooking, medicine or just my practice.



Along with everything, I still left out some of my sacred tools and items to bathe under the moon. I’m going to be working with a few decks this cycle: Homestuck Tarot, Collective Tarot, Connected & Free Oracle, and my RWS. I also left out some stones that I work with regularly, my wooden crystal grid board, some candles, and other items.



This moon was truly gorgeous last night, I watched her rise while we were loading the car after a grocery store run. She was glowing with a tint of yellow as she stood slightly above the horizon. Then as the dark creeped over the sky, I saw her peek through the clouds. It was a bit stormy last night, but I don’t think it rained. Mostly windy and some scattered thunder and lightening. Got to love a full moon on a stormy night.

Book Haul

Bring on 2015…. too soon? All I can think about this month is the new year, what new things will be entering my life, opportunities, planning… I love it all! I’m a sucker for list making, even though I rarely stick to.

I followed the Magical Almanac all year and loved that book. My local bookstore was out of the new 2015, but had the Moon Signs one in stock, so instead I picked up We’Moon! I have been really wanting a copy of We’Moon after hearing some awesome chatter about it. The book looks fantastic if you have not seen it before, I highly recommend picking up a copy! The pages are full glossy color and just lovely.

Last night under the Full Moon my husband and I spent some time outside in our patio, burning incense I made to honor her glowing gorgeousness and left some of my decks & crystals out to soak in the Moon’s light. I don’t leave out all my decks & crystals since I have quite a collection, so I decided to pick through the ones that I want to work with during this new Moon cycle.

  • The Collective Tarot (always goes under the Full Moon)
  • The Homestuck Tarot
  • The Ceccoli Tarot
  • Rider Waite Smith (another that always gets set out)


Full Moon in Taurus

Happy Full Moon everyone!

Today’s moon is in Taurus and is known by many names such as the Beaver Moon, White Moon, Trading Moon, Dark MoonSnow Moon, and a few others. The November moon is all about nourishment, earthy grounding, honoring, taking a well deserved break and tapping into our senses.

Self care can be a big focus during this time so be sure to take some time to indulge and pamper yourself today, then carry it on till the weekend. It’s ok, you have permission to relax and enjoy!

Also, this is a great Moon to work with if you are wanting things to stick well and grow! So make some magic tonight!