Weekly Reading Dec 18 – 24

The weekly readings are back! I took some time off from doing them and didn’t plan on bringing them back until January, but I was having a pretty low key Sunday… so why not?! I hope everyone’s December has been going well, I know this is a busy time of the month for a lot of us!

This week I’m using the Heart & Hands Tarot, I’ll be posting a first impressions of this deck in a few days! I just got it last week and I’m obsessed with it. It has been so fun reading with and has really packed a punch for me lately. I also pulled a card from the Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle, you can read about this deck here. Let’s see what energies are at play this week! I’m not sticking with my normal “beginning, middle, end of the week” reading – I just want to see what energies are popping up for us and I have to say, I miss doing freeform readings like these!

Two of Coins

A lot of us are busy at work, finishing up holiday shopping, and trying to squeeze in time with family all while trying to keep the house running smoothly and everything in balance. This card suggests to me that we need to be sure we maintain some harmony, don’t over do it! It can be so easy to exhaust ourselves right now so be sure to take breaks and make time for yourself. I know we all want to get everything done, but face it, we can’t do it all. Our best approach this week is to tackle things one at a time and get the most important tasks checked off our list first, that way we can nibble away at the smaller things throughout the week. If you struggle with keeping your head above the water this time of year don’t be afraid to ask for some help! Better to ask for help than to drop the ball on something crucial, right?

Four of Wands

Following in the 2 of Coins footsteps… now I know why a reminder to keep balanced revealed itself this week, it’s so we can make room for fun! This is a perfect time of year to spend it with people around us. Have a fun game night, grab some drinks with friends after work, or just simply enjoy this time with family! I love how this card showed up, the first thing that came to my mind was Yule! The Winter Solstice is on Thursday for us in the Northern Hemisphere and what better card to see than the 4 of Wands to remind us that it’s a time for enjoyment and celebration. Winter is here and it’s time to get cozy! Stay in or go out, whatever you decide to do just be sure you enjoy yourself and your surroundings. This is a time to let loose and get lost in good conversation!


We are greeted with one Major Arcana card this week, Death. Don’t fear this card it’s not what you think. I often feel that this is a very welcoming card… almost like getting a permission slip to get rid fo old junk. It’s about allowing things to end that are just not working out or have been sitting stale for far too long. Think of the Death card as a closet that needs to be cleaned out. Death is all about allowing things to come to an end so that we can make room for something new to begin, especially as we creep closer to the end of the year – 2018 is approaching very fast! You can always breathe new life into something later on when you’re ready or even restart something over from scratch (sometimes it’s much easier this way), but right now just cut those ties loose and don’t stress about it. Elsa sings it best “let it go… let it go, turn away and slam the door!”.

The Violet

I wanted to see what the overall guidance is for the week so I pulled an oracle card, The Violet. This card to me suggested right away “intuition”. I was really drawn into that eye at the top of the triangle and often eyes are associated with truth and visions. This tells me to trust your intuition this week and rest assured that the feelings you are sensing are correct. Find the truth in things rather than just relying on what other people are telling you. See for yourself!

What are you doing this week? I’m so excited to bring in the new year!

Chatting with Gretchen from Willows East

When I discovered Gretchen and her amazing journal, I had to invite her on the blog to chat more about it! She is the brilliant mind behind the Willows East Intuitive Journal. You can use this journal for tarot, lenormand, oracle, you name it! She accepted my invitation to join me on the blog, I hope you all enjoy this little interview and pick up your own copy of the journal!


Can you tell us about yourself?

I’m a 33-year-old Tarot and Lenormand reader from Vermont, offering intuitive coaching and journaling sessions. I’m also a wife, mom, and Senior Editor by day. I have my Bachelor of Arts degree in Graphic Design, have previously worked as a Senior Designer, and continue to do freelance web design as I can! I love creative and intuitive anything, and I really enjoy bringing the Vermont countryside and atmosphere into my work.

Where did you get your inspiration from to create a journal?

I was inspired by both the vintage style of Victorian journals and the modern-day planner and happiness journals. I wanted to create a Tarot Journal for the reader on the go!

Why did you decide to create a journal?

I am a longtime fan of art journaling, old-school diary keeping, and documenting. When I started my Tarot journey, I knew I wanted a quick, easy way to document daily draws, daily inspiration, and to record any validations or observations – to challenge my intuition. I couldn’t find anything like that on the market, so I created my own!

Out of the whole journal, what is your favorite section or pages?

Since the journal doesn’t have dates, you can start at any time and use it however you like. So the Weekly/Daily Draw page quickly became my favorite, but more so after I saw how other readers used it. Though the circles for each day were originally intended for a Tarot symbol or Lenormand/Oracle card number, I saw other journalers using them to note the weather, a moon phase, an emotion, or a color. It made me see the journal in an entirely new light and inspired future projects!

What’s next, any new projects brewing?

I’m working on a Willows East Self-Discovery journal. I’m still in the early planning stages, but think: Wreck This Journal meets Meditation Journal meets Tarot/Lenormand Journal. Once I finish the self-discovery journal, I want to focus my energy on creating more downloadable and printable journal pages that can be added to any notebook or journal.

Where can we find you?

Website: www.willowseast.com
Study Group/Blog: www.willowseast.com/studygroup
Etsy: http://gretchintuitive.etsy.com
Instagram: @willowseast
Facebook: /willowseast


Midweek Oracle Guidance

Guess what is coming back?! My “Midweek Oracle Guidance” readings, if you couldn’t guess by the post title! I will be bringing these back this Wednesday on my social media platforms only, so you will not be seeing this on the blog… but you can get them emailed to you every Wednesday! So if you aren’t on social media, this is a great option for you!

Now, my oracle readings aren’t done with your typical oracle decks… you know, the ones containing angels, butterflies, and overly “love and light” styles. Though, there is nothing wrong with those decks, they just aren’t my own personal style. I tend to draw towards the more lowbrow, down to earth, and modernized styles decks. I even use my own oracle deck from time to time. Check out the oracle list below of what decks I currently use and will be making an appearance in my weekly oracle guidance!

Sign up for my Midweek Oracle Guidance email HERE!

How this works:

Every Wednesday morning (around 10am MST) I will post a 3 card oracle reading on my social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter). This will be a photo of three oracle cards with a number below each card. When you see this post, clear your mind, take a deep breath and choose which card you are drawn to. You can leave a comment with the number you picked if you like too as well! Around 12pm MST I will reveal the messages of the cards and you can read your card message.

If you are signing up for the weekly email, I will be sending this around noon every Wednesday with the instant reveal of the messages (around 12pm MST).

My current decks:



Weekly Reading: July 25 – 31

It’s a new week ahead! I decided to use my the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck for this weeks reading, it’s been screaming to be used. I use this deck as a full oracle and have actually combined both decks together as one, it works out great like this! Curious how these cards may come into play this week. I will be home watching over our Golden Retriever, she just got spayed on Friday and is only 6 months… so she is hyper and full of energy! Keeping her calm will be a huge chore for sure!


Fornax (2 of Fire)

Some things may not be ready to put into motion just yet. Even though it’s a fresh week, we may still be cultivating some things on the burner. Not everything is like instant coffee, sometimes it’s good to let things sit and brew before seeing them come to life. Take this time to sit on an idea or plan without action. Nurture this for just a little longer to ensure everything will start off strong. Whether it’s a project or plan, the extra effort you put in will show!

Aries (The Magician)

As you move through this week, it may be a good time to take the lead. If the opportunity calls, jump on it and don’t let it slip away! This could be very rewarding and profitable to you in the long run. Maybe a job opportunity will arise, if this tickles your fancy… go for it! It’s all about impulse and listening to your intuition, I know my intuition never fails. Often times I feel the urge to act on something but take to long to think about it, then miss it entirely. If I had just listened to my gut and acted right away…

Auriga (King of Earth)

This may be a long week for us and filled with lots of focus, so be sure to relax and look back on your accomplishments by the end of the week. Enjoy the weekend and remember that you deserve a break! We can’t always be pushing ourselves to get more done, sometimes we just need to grab a beer (or Starbucks!) and put our feet up. Take this time to treat yourself for the work you have done and the accomplishments you made. Give yourself permission!

Coffee with the Food Fortunes Deck


While checking out a local bookstore the today, I ran across a deck on my current wish list. The Food Fortunes deck! I decided to grab it even though I was unsure of exactly how I would use these cards. I know some are using them to decide on “what to eat” and such, but I thought they would be a fun challenge to see if I could actually pull a reading from them.

I figured a good test for reading this deck was to do an interview with the cards. These cards can be read for other than “what’s for dinner?” typed questions! I had so much fun with this reading. To read them, I decided to focus on the energy aspect you get when consuming that food and how it makes you feel or what type of event you eat it at, rather than see them all as meals or try to figure out what card this could be in a traditional deck. This worked really well for me!

A little about the deck: The Food Fortunes deck was written and illustrated by Josh Lafayette. They feature all the Major and Minor Arcana, with four suits: Mains, Sides, Sweets, and Drinks. I’m not entirely sure what suit matches up with the traditional suit (other than guessing Drinks is the Cups), nor do I think it matters with this deck, it’s just all fun!

You can buy a copy here!


As always, I’m using my favorite interview spread from Little Red Tarot:

✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? The Constant

Bacon! This is something I actually gave up last year (all pork actually) but several people would say that bacon is a staple item! This is a comfort to some and I take it that this deck just wants to be loved and consumed. Want a donut? Put some bacon on it! Want a salad? Add some bacon to it! Want to go running? First, let’s eat bacon!

✖︎ What are your strengths? The Many Named

You are fully loaded, stacked high, and ready to party. You fit in at any group activity and everyone has a favorite style. Your not afraid to stack yourself high and attempt to fit everything between your buns!

✖︎ What are your limits? The Steeped One

I’m for sure more a coffee type, but I get what you mean. You like to let things sit a while and take time to process. When steeped for the right amount of time, depending on the reading, you may enhance the taste but you can take forever to get the messages out. Patience is much needed to see through your delicious layers.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? The Other Duo

Ooo… a little variety is nice! You’re here to teach me that it’s ok to mix things up and be daring. Perhaps, you do your best teaching when I pair you up with my lunch, it’s a date! 

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Page of Sweets

I like where this is going, sugar is one way to get me to work and I think you know it! I may not always promise to bring cupcakes to the table when I work with you, but I’ll try! I think we can work best together if we pull things apart and dissect things, you know… eat the cake first and then the frosting, try something different.

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? The Greens

Nutritious, always room on a plate, and yet, sometimes frowned upon… we will be a good blend of healthy and devilish meals, I mean friends. I can see that this relationship will be good for my soul and will be a way to help me grow (as a reader). 

Reading Spaces


My personal reading space has changed a lot! In fact it seems to change weekly and it can be frustrating at times. I tend to rearrange things as I feel need to! I recently cleaned up my sacred space, which also acts as my office, and thought I would get intimate on the blog and share my space with you!

Currently I’m using a 100 year old wood chest that has been passed down in my family from granddaughter to granddaughter. I got this chest when I was 16 I think. It’s beat up, shows it’s age, and I adore it! This chest vibes of energy from all the women in my family who have had it before me.

I do all my readings on this chest, from social media readings on my Instagram, to  personal and client readings. The current decks I’m working with rest in this space. Right now I have the Collective Tarot, Spirit Speak Tarot, Plant Ally Cards, Cards of Chaos, and my own custom oracle deck. Also joining the decks are stones and sacred items:

  • Smokey Quartz to help stabilize me, I’m an emotional empath so this stone helps me focus and keep those energies at bay
  • Black Tourmaline to help soak up the negative energy
  • Amethyst to aid in spirituality and protection, it also helps awaken the Third Eye chakra
  • Citrine to promote clarity and a touch of abundance
  • My clearing candle from Magic Hour Astrology (I adore this candle!)
  • Incense holder (I normally have a shell with palo santo but I was using it on another table) and candle snuffer

What does your reading space look like? Do you keep anything sacred on it, perhaps crystals or stones?

Free Reading Friday – What is it?!

Let’s face it, I haven’t read for clients in ages so I’m a bit rusty! Not to mention, I love giveaways and all things free!! To get back into the swing of things, starting today I’ll be giving out one free reading on my Instagram stream. These readings will be public, so if your looking for something more intimate then hold out for my reading slots next month!

How this works:

  • I will post the “Free Reading Friday” image on my stream Friday morning
  • You can leave a comment with a question OR just “me!” if you want to keep the question private, that’s ok!
  • Later that day, I’ll pick someone at random and do a one card reading for them on my stream and tag them in the picture.
  • Easy as that!

The readings will vary from oracle to tarot cards, just whichever deck I’m called to work with that day. I still stick with my policies being that you must be over 18! Also, lets practice good karma and let others get picked if you already had a free reading.

So head on over to my Instagram to join the fun and spread the word – http://www.instagram.com/tarotseed

Custom Deck Update!

Some of you may remember a collage deck I was working on. It was supposed to be a Lenormand deck, but with a lot of thought over the months, I have decided to turn it into an oracle deck! I think it works better this way since the images I have used tend to call out certain feelings for me. I have picked this project back up and plan to work on more cards. I don’t have a number of cards in mind that I want to end up with, right now I have 23.


I did a mock up of what I plan to have the cards look like above! I’m unsure if I will add the words before or after I scan them in… I really want that black plastic label look to the wording area, so we’ll see. I’m thrilled to use these cards in my daily draws since I have adapted to using both Tarot and Oracle in my daily readings, as well as readings for others. I will be working on a post in the future regarding using both types of decks in the same reading!

IMG_0521(The Hermit from The Collective Tarot)

I wanted to see how the cards look with Tarot and I think this card reflected the Hermit beautifully! You see a person holding the lantern up in the darkness, the collaged card further pushes that shadow side. It’s telling me there is no fear while digging a little deeper to reveal what is hidden and buried within. This collaged card also can reflect death and rebirth, transition, melancholy, something stirring, or many other possibilities!

As far as selling this deck when I have it printed… I’m not sure yet, I am still looking into the copyrights regarding collaged art. Since I have heavily used other artists work from magazines, I’m finding it very likely that I will not be producing this deck for resale unfortunately. This deck will most likely be used only by myself.

Daily Energy + Advice

(Homestuck Tarot and Connected & Free Oracle)

Keep your head clear and your heart open in any direction or choices that may come your way. Try to reach out of your comfort zone and make an attempt at something new, even if it just means getting out of the house!
If you like this little post, I may continue them Monday through Friday! I’m also in the works of moving the blog to a website, so I apologize in advance if the blog gets a bit weird for a bit.

Deck Collage Project

This post was originally going to be a “Tarot vs. Lenormand” but I still want to get to know the Lenormand deck and dig up more differences, there are quite a few! So I will save that for another post.

Clipping idea’s for the 1 – Rider card in Lenormand

I wanted to talk about a fun project I have started with collage! I have used collage art for years, in fact most of my paintings I did around 2001-2005 consisted of collage. When I got my first Oracle deck last year, I was really drawn to these little daily messages. I loved that oracle decks are so varied and different from deck to deck. It hit me quick that I wanted to create my own oracle deck. I’ve been saving magazine clippings for years, but in the past few months I have been searching for clippings just for this project. Anytime I would read through my Juxtapoz or High Fructose magazines I would see images that would make me either think of a tarot card or a little guidance.

Now that I have picked up a Lenormand deck and decided to start studying that system as well, I also wanted to create my own Lenormand deck. I have been looking at the different decks online but have yet to find one that really suits me. I also noticed there are not as many Lenormand decks as there are Tarot decks, most are very similar in style and feature victorian like illustrations. I’m very artsy and modern and I like my decks to reflect that. So, I decided to make my own Lenormand deck as well as an oracle deck, both using collage as the main art platform.

I won’t hide the fact that I also have a bin of magazine clippings for a future tarot deck as well… shhh. :)