Weekly Reading for Jan 29 – Feb 4

It’s Monday – time for the weekly reading! I hope everyone had a great weekend and woke up today nice and refreshed… or are currently refueling on your second (or third) cup of coffee… like me! I had a somewhat busy weekend, Saturday my daughter turned 9 and we had a small family party for her at our house. Then on Sunday I put my feet up for most of the day and relaxed!

This week I’m using the Small Mysteries Tarot (mini version) and was thrilled to see it all fit on one hand, haha! This deck is too cute and I’m loving how blunt the readings have been for me with it.

START // High Priestess

If you haven’t already, start listening to your higher self and begin to trust your intuition! Try to check in with yourself throughout this week, look and listen for messages and trust that forces are in play. There are messages available for downloading if you are willing to just tap in to listen!

STOP // Queen of Knives

This week, stop pointing fingers and start accepting more responsibility for your words. This may sound harsh but the Queen of Swords this week is demanding that you take ownership with yourself, it’s far too easy to play the blame game. This card also suggests that we may need to get out of our head a bit. Spending too much time in there can lead to overthinking and dropping the ball on more important things that needed our attention the most.

CONTINUE // Temperance

Keeping things flowing can be tricky, but just keep at it this week! Try to keep a continual balance of things and don’t overdo it, but also be sure to step up if you’re able to in order to even it all out. The Temperance card to me is always about finding that moderation and going with the flow. If something is clearly working, keep it going – if it’s not, slow down!