Hello, Strange Lands Oracle

Another deck arrived before Christmas, the Strange Lands Oracle! I had this deck on pre-order and I’m so glad it was finally in my hands!! The Strange Lands Oracle was created by Marisa De La Peña of Circo Tarot and Tight Rope Press. It’s her second deck since creating the Circo Tarot (which is one of my favorite decks). She also has two other decks coming out soon!! The Persephone Tarot and Fire Opal Oracle – I can’t wait!

Right off the bat, I could tell I was going to love this oracle deck! I’m a sucker for hand drawn styled decks, then add in a gnarly color palette… I’m sold! It was hard to pick my favorite cards since I really like them all, but a few stuck out immediately to me – Nyx (and the Persephone card), Cicada, Beetle, and Fast Growing.

Nyx is a feminine archetype that has been popping up a lot for me lately and when I saw her in this deck, I knew right away that I need to dive deeper into Her story, I’m very drawn to her energy. Persephone is another feminine archetype that came to me in the very beginning of my Goddess studies a couple years ago and has still struck a cord with me ever since. I come across her symbols and messages often! I feel like both SHE-mazing archetype’s will be guiding me in 2018.

Ok, back to the deck! This deck shuffles like a dream! I have been saying that about decks often on my blog, but this deck truly shuffles like (vegan) butter for me, it’s so smooth. The cards themselves are poker sized and pairs up beautifully with the Spirit Speak Tarot!! I’m always looking for a great match for that deck since it’s one of my main working decks. The card stock is perfect and the cards are more satin than gloss, which I love.

The deck comes with a cute hand stamped deck bag, a guide book, a tuck box, and the deck. The guidebook is great, it’s written really well and easy to navigate, very clearly written and to the point. I love the bag Marisa sent with the deck, she did this also with the Circo Tarot and I still have and use that bag for my Circo Tarot deck. I hate keeping my working decks in their box since I’m in and out of them often and it wears them out fast, so bags are a plus for me! I usually create a bag to suit the deck, but in this case, it’s already done!

I am really enjoying this deck! Like I said, I played around with pairing up with my main deck, Spirit Speak Tarot, and it’s a perfect match. They partner up really well together and I love the energy bouncing back within the cards! While mentioning that, I recently launched a free weekly oracle reading newsletter and used the Strange Lands Oracle to kick off the first email! I will be using this a ton in those readings, be warned! You can read about this emailed newsletter HERE, it goes out every Sunday and is interactive! Yay!

It’s time to see what this deck has to say!

Ok, let’s see what this deck has to say and how it reads! Of course, I’m using my favorite deck interview spread by Little Red Tarot.

(Pearl Baby) One of your best qualities is that you like to dazzle and show yourself off, I can tell! You took some time to be created and now you want all the attention!

(Grab a Star) You are rich in opportunity and you are the star to grab for! You’re just begging to be picked for a reading and are trying to stand out the most… it’s working.

(Protect) This deck may get a bit closed off and protected, so I feel it works well paired with tarot as to dive in a little bit deeper. It doesn’t want to give out all the answers.

(Romance) Love, simple as that! I’ve had a love – hate relationship with oracle decks over the years and your here to teach me just how to fall madly in love with you! This deck doesn’t have to try hard, I’m already swooning over these illustrations and bright colors.

(The Road) If I invest the time in working with this deck, a lot will come out of it. Much like seeds, you nurture a seed and there’s a pretty good chance it’ll grow! It’s all about the efforts I put in is what I’ll get out in return if I’m patient enough.

(Does it work?) Hah! I LOVE this card! Retreat, retreat! I’m being invited to dwell within the cards and explore in the dark. There is no one to hold my hand so I need to feel things out myself and test the waters. I think as readers we have always asked ourselves “do these cards really work?” and they surprise us every time!

Do you have this deck? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Weekly Reading Dec 25 – 31

Ok, so this is late and I debated on even posting at all today… but I really felt the cards were on point this week as we wrap up the last week of 2017 so I decided to post this anyways since there is still a lot left of the week! I got pretty swamped with family and Xmas things going on yesterday, I think a lot of us did too, haha!

This week I’m using two new decks – the Divina Tarot that I got for Xmas and the Strange Lands Oracle that I received on Friday! I’ll be working on a first glance review for both decks for the blog soon, I’m a little backed up with deck reviews, oop’s! I plan on posting the Heart & Hands Tarot review this week (finally) so keep an eye out for that!

Ok, let’s take a peek at the energies present this week (or what is left), as well as the general theme of the week.

10 of Wands

It’s no surprise that the 10 of Wands showed up, it was a busy start to the week for many of us and continues to be as we play catch up and start wrapping up the end of the year. This card is letting you know that you don’t have to do it all on your own, there are others around us who would love to help out even if it’s doing the simplest of tasks, you just have to ask. Don’t overload yourself, you’ve done enough already! If your stuck in the middle of something and can’t get the help you need, let it be known that what you are doing will be worth the effort you’re putting in. Anytime I have to do something hard or have a lot on on my plate, I try to think that this will soon be just a memory… it will be over before you know it! You got this!

The Star

Ahh, the Star, our beckon of hope and nod from the Universe. The Star is here in the middle of it all to let you know that you are being supported in everything and anything you do this week. Pour out all your wishes and dreams into your journal and start setting some intentions. These dreams can easily be made into reality, you just need to put them out there and make them visible! Create a brand spankin’ new vision board, set intentions with a small ritual (you don’t have to wait for the New Moon), or even just write down your intentions on paper and tape them to your bathroom mirror. Keep these intentions fresh in your mind and where you can see them every day! Whatever you decide to do, know that the Universe is giving you a high five!


Could we get a more perfect card to embrace the energy of this final week in 2017?! Why yes, things are for sure ending! This card is here to remind us that what is leaving us this week is for a good reason, we don’t need to drag anything holding us back into the next week (and year). Cut the cords to that which bind us and slow us down, we are on to much better and brighter things if we could only lighten our load! I’m drawn to the direction that “death” is heading, they are clearing away everything in their path and moving towards the future. Be this gnarly reaper and get to work clearing the path to make space for what lies ahead… extra points if you wear a Grim Reaper costume while cleaning the house!


Our theme this week is all about memories and I feel like this card is bitter sweet. It’s telling us to take some time this week to dive back into the past and remember the good over the bad. Hold tight to the positives and release the negatives. Let’s use this time to look over our bucket list and see what got done this year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Did you get a new deck for Xmas, let me know in the comments what you got!