Please read over my policies before reaching out to me for a reading, thank you!

● I will not read for anyone under 18 years of age.

● Client privacy is very important to me, I keep all the info you give me and readings private. Not even my dog is in on the fun! The only readings that are posted public are my free public readings or my weekend free Tumblr readings, those are posted to the public.

● I am not a psychic or medium. I cannot tell the future, read your mind, or talk to the dead. 

● I do not read yes/no questions – I also do not tell time (ex: “How many days till I find a job?” … or “When will I meet a partner?”)

● There are no refunds, period. Once payment has been made, all is final.

 I do not discriminate against race, gender identity, or sexual orientation. I welcome everyone and anyone! However, I will not read for anyone showing disrespect, rudeness, or aggressive behavior.  

● I hold the right to refuse or refund a reading that I do not feel comfortable with or does not resonate with me. Please ask ahead of time if you are unsure I am the reader for you. For samples of my reading style, please check out my Instagram.

● Most importantly, I am not a health professional or therapist. I do not accept readings themed around health, mental health, law, or a financial crisis. Please seek help if you are suicidal or are in need of a lawyer. My tarot readings are not to replace your natural judgement. 

last updated 6.26.2017

How to book a reading:

Simply head over to my shop and select a reading that resonates with you and follow through with the checkout. If you are unsure of which to choose or have a question, you can contact me before purchase at:

I will contact you within 24 hours (usually way sooner) to let you know I received your request and what info I will need from you to begin your reading. I require details about your question/situation, the more info and details you give to me, the better I can pinpoint your message in the cards. Check out this post on how to ask a question, it’s very informative!

Your reading will be sent to you via email within 3 business days (unless stated otherwise). You will receive a PDF copy of your reading along with a photo of your cards pulled.

I always welcome feedback after a reading, so feel free to contact me after if you like and we can chat more about your cards!